Ivan Misner

Review of Switched-On Selling:
"In A League of it's Own"
 says Ivan Misner
NY Times Best-Selling Author and Founder of BNI and Referral Institute

“No other sales book I have seen gets to the core of what drives real results more powerfully than this one.

The concept of Switched-On Selling is brilliantly cutting-edge; Teplitz and Alessandra have combined proven scientific research with their years of experience in sales mastery to produce a book that is in a league of its own."


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An Irresistable Offer

Dr. Tepliz and Dr. Alessandra have put together an irresistible offer for you which includes over $400 in free bonus gifts from the top business trainers in the country to support the release of the new: “Switched-On Selling: Balance Your Brain for Sales Success”. Simply order the DVD Course, Kindle book, or Book (Step 1, right), and then come back here and enter your receipt number (Step 2, right) to get access to all the bonus gifts with purchase!

Switched-On Selling:
Balance Your Brain for Sales Success

Did you know that the stem cells in your body manufacture 10,000 new brain cells every day? It was once believed that only children’s brains had this capacity but now we know that adult’s brains can also be re-wired or redeveloped. And that’s what we’re doing with Switched-On Selling.

Switched-On Selling offers a unique combination of solid sales skills and strategies coupled with the exciting breakthrough of the Brain Gym movements, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for any reader.

Think about it … there is no other, singular approach anywhere in the world that offers this dual track for sales people in such a meaningful and powerful way— Tony’s approach to selling and Jerry’s approach to balancing your brain present a unique approach for selling success.

Get Switched-On Selling for you, your boss, your employees – every person you know that has the passion to be extraordinary.